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Privacy policy, terms and conditions

The terms and conditions will be established between No Pise La Grama C.A, a society properly constituted under the laws of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and the customer. These terms and conditions will regulate every transaction made through the website www.nopiselagrama.com (hereinafter referred to as “Nopiselagrama.com” for the purposes of this contract). In these terms and conditions we will refer as “Customer” to every buyer, every potential buyer and every person who visits Nopiselagrama.com.

In order to make a purchase on Nopiselagrama.com, knowledge is required of the agreement and the terms and conditions set out below. Likewise, it is understood that any user who visits the website knows and agrees to all and every clause of these terms and conditions.

Customer registration

Nopiselagrama.com operates the website through which Customers will be able to acquire every piece from the collections shown.

Customer's registration at Nopiselagrama.com is a necessary condition, for which the Customer must provide the website his or her basic information, such as identification number, address and telephone number. By submitting his or her personal information, the Customer declares under oath that the provided information is accurate, current and verifiable. It will also be needed to set up a password with minimum length of six (6) characters, which will be used to log in into Customer's account on the website.

Registration and purchases will exclusively be made by Customers who are of legal age. Registration information will be collected, saved and used by Nopiselagrama.com, only for purposes related to the website. We will maintain security standards, which won't allow any modification, loss, use or unauthorized disclosure or access, granting every right to the owner of this information. Any registration of doubtful origin or identity theft will be reason of immediate exclusion from the website.

Additionally, the moment the Customer decides to purchase any item, through the any payment method, it will be necessary to provide specific financial information, such as bank name from which the transfer was made or the number of bank deposit. In the eventuality of a credit card purchase, it will be necessary to provide the information of credit card that is going to be used, phone number, billing address and the address to where Nopiselagrama.com is going to send the garments.

Promotional or Advertising Communications

Customers authorize Nopiselagrama.com to send them promotions to the email registered on the website, according to the characteristics of every customer's purchases and visited links. Customers will be able to request the suspension of any promotional or advertising email by sending an email with this request to [email protected]

How to use this website

We clearly and easily inform our Customers through Nopiselagrama.com how to make purchases on the website. No Pise La Grama indicates email and other technical ways that are available for Customers to identify, update and correct mistakes during the registration or order placement.

Every person registered on the website is able to demand from Nopiselagrama.com proof of the authorization for treatment of personal information, information about the use given to their personal information, revoke the authorization or demand for the elimination of any information as long as the request is made and administrative act, either through the People's Ministry of Commerce or the National Superintendency for the Defense of Social and Economic Rights (SUNDDE), in which it is established that Nopiselagrama.com violated the current law on the protection of personal information.

The only payment methods available will be the ones specified on Nopiselagrama.com. In the case of payment with one of the credit cards accepted by Nopiselagrama.com, the Customer will be subject to the existing contract between the Customer and the issuing bank. Nopiselagrama.com will hold no responsibility related to the aspect contracted in those obligations.

Purchase consent

The Customer's consent is manifested in taking every step to make a purchase, accepting every one of them. And it is finalized with the order placement after reviewing the order information and making the payment of the desired product.

Before final confirmation the Customer will be able to cancel the order at any time. Nopiselagrama.com will send a confirmation email to address registered by the Customer with delivery information, exact price including taxes, shipment cost and the payment method used.

Irrelevance of right of withdrawal

Nopiselagrama.com sells goods for personal use and therefore, according to the Civil Code of Venezuela, renounces exercising the right of withdrawal in all circumstances. The Customer declares knowledge and acceptance of these terms and conditions. The foregoing is without prejudice to the possibility of exchanges and returns that voluntarily gives Nopiselagrama.com to Customers.

Exchanges and returns policy

In the event of defects in the quality or suitability of the goods purchased through Nopiselagrama.com, you can make use of the legal guarantee in the terms set forth in these terms and conditions.

In order to be able to apply for an exchange or refund it is required that the object of the contractual obligation is defective or useless for normal use. Then a request has to be made within four (4) consecutive days from the receipt of the good, in case of manufacturing deficiencies, processing, materials, or if the piece is not entirely suitable for the use which it is intended.

If the time for delivery of the product expires, when the delivered product does not correspond to the request, or when it corresponds to an unsolicited operation, Customers will have the right to request the cancellation or termination of the contract and obtain a credit note with the value of the purchase with no withholding or discount. This credit note is valid toward the next purchase on the site, that is, its use will be mandatory when purchasing a new product on the website.

To expedite issuance of the credit note, the returned product must be received at Nopiselagrama.com offices; for this, the Customer must notify the customer service department of the intention to return the product within a period not exceeding four (4) calendar days, counted from the day following the date of initial purchase. Nopiselagrama.com will receive the product at our offices and will validate that it is in the conditions of return required by the company: the product must be unused, with tags, in perfect condition and must have the original packaging in case the defect of the good has been detected at first sight, as when it comes to color, model or different size than requested.

The free exchange process may be performed one (1) time per product, if the error is on the part of Nopiselagrama.com, the company will cover shipping costs. After four (4) days from receipt of the product by the Customer, no changes or refunds will be made when the reasons are attributable to tastes or personal preferences of the Customer.

Use of personal information on the site

By registering in Nopiselagrama.com Customer will express informed and prior consent to access, storage, and use of the personal information provided through the website by Nopiselagrama.com and third parties authorized in these terms and conditions, including, but not limited to, personal and sensitive information and data.

The purpose of the processing of Customer's personal data will be to validate purchase orders, improve the management of information of Nopiselagrama.com, support and improve marketing, strategies and promotion of products and services, analyze user's profiles and circulate and send promotional or commercial information. Nopiselagrama.com may transfer, for any reason, the personal information of its Customers to affiliates or related companies and third parties who have made agreements with nopiselagrama.com, located in Venezuela or abroad. Customer agrees and acknowledges that at the time that Nopiselagrama.com transfers his or her personal information to other countries, it shall be governed by the regulations applicable in the country of destination.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Customer acknowledges being informed freely, expressly and previously of his or her rights that are granted to him or her under the law and jurisprudence as holder of his or her personal data as set forth below: (i) The right to know, update and rectifying any personal data in Nopiselagrama.com or any controller or processing of personal data. This right may be exercised, among others, in the case of partial, inaccurate, incomplete, split or misleading information; or in the case where information's treatment had prohibited or not authorized. (ii) The right to request proof of the authorization granted to the manager or the processor, unless the law expressly excepted it as a prerequisite for treatment. (iii) To be informed by the controller or the processor, upon request, regarding the use that has been given to personal data. (iv) Submit to the Ministry of Commerce or the National Superintendency for the Defense of Social and Economic Rights (SUNDDE) complaints about infringements on the protection of personal information. (v) Revoke the authorization and / or request removal of personal information when in the treatment the principles, rights and constitutional and legal guarantees are respected. The revocation and / or suppression only applies when the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce has determined that the person responsible of treating the personal information has engaged in conducts contrary to the law and the Constitution. (vi) Access free of charge to their personal information that has been processed. Furthermore, the Customer acknowledges to know that it is in on her power to provide personal information or sensitive data and that it is under his or her discretion to provide any sensitive or non-sensitive personal data that is required by Nopiselagrama.com. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the non-granting of the personal information that this site requires may prevent its operation and the access to information, features or services contained therein.

For more information on the steps or information treatment methods, contact the following email: [email protected], Nopiselagrama.com is not responsible for illegal interceptions or violation of their systems or databases by unauthorized persons, or by improper use of information obtained by such means.

Information contained in this site

Nopiselagrama.com may modify any information contained in this site at any time and without notice, until the validation of the transaction, which will force Nopiselagrama.com to remain subject to the conditions of validation.


Our online store offers a safe and comfortable platform for making payments. Thanks to our security supplier "MercadoPago", who developed an environment that enables transaction multiprocessing and at the same time provides a maximum protection of personal and payment information through data encryption under the SSL certificate.