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Delivery of your purchases in No Pise La Grama

  • What company is responsible for shipping?
    The company responsible for distributing our packages is DHL. Once your package is ready to be sent, you can find the tracking number in “my account” in Nopiselagrama.com, so you can track your package on DHL's website.

  • What is the delivery deadline?
    The minimum delivery time will be one (1) business day. DHL will make three delivery attempts in up to three business days. If DHL cannot deliver the package after three attempts, the package will be returned to our office and we will contact you.

  • What can I do if I did not receive my order?
    The first thing to do is to check its status on DHL’s website using the tracking number provided in our website. If you cannot check the status or if the product has been returned, please contact us via +1(305)6471177 or e-mail us to [email protected]

  • I want to change the shipping address!
    The delivery address is set up when making your purchase. Once saved, it cannot be changed. You can save up to three shipping addresses, which can be edited or deleted when necessary.